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By: The Game | February 04, 2019

Manchester United has proved to be the best team in the Premier League since the X-Max holidays. Though they still maintain the 6th position, their performance has been much improved since the Mourinho regime. 

United's new attacking strategies have worked well and yielded many goals. While their midfield is getting more involved in goals in the previous seven games, the defence has also looked sorted to an extent. David De Gea has been great between the sticks and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has impressed everyone with his impressive managerial skills. 

However, United has looked weak in certain stages of the game which needs to be corrected very soon. Although the attack has produced goals, it lacks the cutting edge to pose a title-...

By: The Game | January 31, 2019

Jose Mouriho who recently declared that only FFP regulation can assist Manchester United battle with City rivals Manchester City for the title, took another sly jibe at his club's weakness to match some of the biggest clubs in the transfer market in Press Conference following Red Devil's 4-1 home win over Fulham yesterday. 
When the Portuguese manager entered the press room, and fathomed that there was no water bottle on the table for him, his face suddenly changed. 

He was surprised that there was no bottle water on his table, so he asked 
"Are we saving money?"
He further added "There's no water, saving money for Januar...