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You Can Support Us!

This is the question I always ask myself "How can Children who come from poor homes have access to quality education or enjoy better lives?Remember, your support can give hope to needy children and help them claim their right to education.

Below are ways to support our children.........


Become a godmother or godfather 

You can support a needy child’s life for one year with just  300 € / 408 $

How your money is used

Being a godfather or godmother for a Readers Lead beneficiary helps children claim their right to education and have a successful start to their life.Your kindness will also benefit the whole community as Readers Lead activities reach other community members.

Your donations for your child are combined with the donations of other godfather or godmother – rather than just being giving directly to your sponsored child – to support programs that help make life better for all eligible children and their families in the communities we serve.

How to become a godfather or godmother

  1. I choose to sponsor a Readers Lead beneficiary today. Send us an e-mail and within 10 days you will receive a photo and information about the child in your inbox.
  2. When you sponsor one of our children, they will be informed by our local staff. You have the chance to write to your godchild and to receive letters from them.
  3. Being a godfather or godmother promotes sustainability. You commit to helping your godchild for one year at a time (you can pay monthly), which makes it possible for Readers Lead to plan adequately.
  4. Every 3 months you will receive an update report on the performance of your godchild, along with a greeting from your godchild. You can also send letters to your godchild through Readers Lead.


Support our Book Donation Project

You can support us donate books to children and schools.

  1. Sponsorship: Companies or individuals who want to sponsor our book donation project should send us an e-mail.

   2 Donations-In-Kind : Publishing companies or organizations which want to donate books to help our book donation project should send us an email.


Help us take care of our teaching cost

Support us by making a donation to help us take care of the cost of our teaching and teaching materials.

Help us take care of the cost we incur on teaching the children how to read.

Donate to Readers Lead via bank transfer today

Name: Readers Lead

Account numbers:

Cedi Account #   : 221 103 252 140

Dollar Account # : 221 103 252 230

Euro Account #  : 221 103 252 430

Pound Sterling # : 221 103 252 330

Name of the bank: Guaranty Trust Bank Ghana

Swift code:


Mobile Money : 0555772296

Tigo Cash:   0274978848

Vodafone Cash0505766766